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Qs. Time limit on use/access to API? How real-time is the API?


I had a couple general questions on the API:

1) The documentation and API license appears to be time-limited, what would be the process (and cost if any) to continue allowing users to use an app we create as part of this competition?

2) How real-time is the API (ie. if there is a spike now during a high-cost time of day), or will this depend on the individual provider?



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    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for writing. The Green Button Connect My Data standards and the Green Button Connect My Data Reference Architecture will be available at no cost in read-only format, viewable via LockLizard for 120 days. If you wish to utilize the standards after your 120-day license ends you may purchase a full copy of the standards manual by filling out a form from the NAESB website: http://www.naesb.org/misc/naesb_matl_order_espi_standards.pdf.

    As for your question about the API — can you please shoot an email to energyapps@marsdd.com? The MaRS DD team is closely moderating that inbox and should be in touch with an answer shortly.


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    Hello Blair,

    1. There is no cost to continue to use the standard in your app following the 120 day trial period. The license primarily relates to copyright around the document itself.

    2. The API has been designed to enable standardized access to any frequency, including real-time. However, in Ontario the architecture of the initial launch of Green Button CMD servers running at the various LDC’s will be limited to day after data. This is driven purely by the fact that the data will be sourced from the MDM/R hosted by the IESO. At some point down the road, a mechanism to support real-time data access through this interface may be realized.

    Thank you,


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    Thank you for the replies and clarifications!

    I could certainly see an alert that there's an abnormal spike in usage at a high-cost time of day being useful, down the road when real-time updates are available.


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