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Q. How can I open the Hydro One, London Hydro XML Files with an XML reader?

Q: "We are developing an app for the Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge. Of the six sample XML files, I cannot open the following three files with an XML reader (Chrome or IE):

* Hydro-One-sample-daily.xml
* Hydro-One-sample-monthly.xml
* London-Hydro-Sample.xml

Is there a problem with these files?"

A. It is the stylesheet directive that leads to the browser behaviour indicated in the web query. The following line in the Hydro One sample file is a case in point.

If the line is removed then a browser will correctly parse the and display the data. Alternatively, if the correct XSLT file is located in the same folder / directory as the source xml file, then it will also be rendered correctly by the browser, but in a format designated by the stylesheet file.


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