•   almost 10 years ago

Q: Cannot submit app to online store

The FAQ for "Can I submit my app to an online store?" states that you cannot submit your contest app to an online store.

Does that include the Android Play Store? If so, how else are we supposed to submit an Android application?


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    As I understand we should provide a link to app. I was thinking dropbox link. Let see what moderators reply.

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Hi yshteinm,

    Thanks for writing. If you're developing an Android application, you should upload an .apk file to the submission form or provide a link for us to download your app in the "Testing Instructions" field on the submission form. So a Dropbox link included in the "Testing Instructions" field would be fine.

    Let me know if there's anything else!


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