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"Bad request" implementation

1. I am having troubles to get data synchronously. It seems that if there is no PART of the data then the whole data is not sent and I get "bad request" code. For example if I ask data from the beginning of the day till "now" I get bad request but if I ask the data from the begining of the day till now minus one hour I get the data. I consider this to be a bug. You should send the data "you know" for the period I ask. Can it be fixed or I have to implement workaround which is going to be painful as I don't know what data you have and what you don't?
2. It seems that even scope is "hourly" you don't send the data if I request 3 hour. I get "bad request". Again, you should send empty data reading as you BTW sometimes do with no IntervalBlock.

Please reply what can be fixed and what I have to leave with.


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    Here is request I am sending
    GET /ldc/api/v1/UsagePoint?start=1382587200&duration=86400

    It is Oct 24 midnight for 1 day. It is ok even it sends me no data

    but when I do Oct 25
    GET /ldc/api/v1/UsagePoint?start=1382673600&duration=86400

    Here is what I get back:
    HTTP:400Bad parameters: start+duration

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    It seems that if start plus duration is more than current time you report an error. Why just not send the data till NOW?

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    You are requesting "future data" in the second case. Thus a Bad Request (400) response is the correct response.

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    The Reference Architecture documents this as the expected response in this case.

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