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Get EUI problem

Hi, I have a problem receiving consistent data for different intervals. I am requesting data (GetEUI) for customer Alisa.
If I request date for 24 hours Nov 30, 2012 (start time 1354251600
and duration 86400) I receive correct data with last 2 hours containing 4174 and 1062. If I request the data for the whole month (start 1351742400 and duration 2592000) I receive last data of 4174 and 1062 is not sent by data custodian. Please let me know ASAP if you can fix this. This happens with other days and months too. This is just one example.

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    This relates to the fact that November 4, 2012 (local time) actually has 25 hours data due to the time change at 2 am. Thus there is one extra hour in the month that you've not accounted for, as you've requested 30 days * 24 hrs/day * 60 min/hr * 60 secs/min = 2592000 as the duration.

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