•   almost 10 years ago

JSON instead of XML

Is there a way to request data in JSON format instead of XML? Thanks.


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    All data is returned as XML (with atom links) as per the NAESB ESPI standard. Only the OAuth 2.0 based service calls return JSON content as per that standard.

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Hmm I think this may not be entirely true. I managed to get JSON from one of the API calls by simply changing the "Accept" header to "application/json" and it worked :D

    I have yet to test it with the other calls. Its just much easier to parse JSON than XML.

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    I saw that too which actually shouldn't work if spec specifies that you should request atom/xml. I don't fully agree with the comment about parsing xml and json but whatever works easier for you :-)

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    The Test Lab may function this way but it would not be advisable or prudent to assume LDC production systems will support this.

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