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Date Extension: A slap in the face to all participants

This contest extension is completely unfair to the people who worked hard to create an app based on the timelines that have been in place for months. There are plenty of resources available to competent developers to make fully functional apps. The fact that you already have submissions in your hand proves that there's no real technical limitations. The API has worked for months. You have submissions. I'm sorry that your contest didn't generate the 50-60 apps you thought you were gong to get, but breaking the contest rules should never be a consideration.

This extension hurts everyone who has been involved in the contest from the start. We worked in good faith that the contest would be run in an above-the-board manner, and our good faith is rewarded with this?

The only developers who are complaining for an extension are the ones who procrastinated on submission and didn't plan their time properly. Why do they get rewarded while the people who worked within the time constraints are hurt?

I am very disappointed in everyone who is associated with this contest. You had the opportunity yesterday in the meetup to talk about this decision, with all the interested parties in the room. Yet you chose not to do that, and make a radical change a day later when the voice of the participants can't be heard.

Where is the honor and spirit of the contest in all of that?

What a farce.

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your feedback - I'll be posting my response here and in the Update section.

    In the interests of fairness to all participants, we extended the submission deadline to reflect the approximately two-week period during which the test lab was inoperable.

    The final decision to extend the app challenge was not made until after the last meetup, which is why it was not communicated at that time.



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