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Server error 500 ?


I'm developing a mobile app and seem to be having trouble getting EUI data. When making a call to the EUI endpoint I get a server 500 / unhandled exception error from the Test Lab. I AM, however, able to make calls to the "Read Service Status" and "Read Authorization Status" endpoints though, so I am not sure if the issue is on my end or not. Here's the details of my call:

- Made a call to the Get EUI endpoint using this url:
(Dec 1-Dec 20th). + my app's auth token in the header

-Server returns error 500 / unhanded exception

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions that would be very much appreciated! Thanks! :)


  •   •   almost 9 years ago

    Your duration parameter there looks like a timestamp. The duration parameter should be a count of the seconds between your start date and desired end date.

    In this case you'd probably want 20*60*60 which would give you all the readings between midnight he 1st and midnight the 21st.

    Also note that the original test bed has been experiencing some problems. If your query still doesn't work, please reregister your app on the alternative test bed at and try your query at that address.

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    No problem at all!

    If you could give me more detail about your issue, I'd be happy to assist you.

    Or you can email

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