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Is GetEUI [Synchronous] broken?

I get an xml document with most of the information such as the date ranges and such, but I can't seem to get any usage data, either through my app or downloading the xml through the Affinity Systems web interface. There's nothing between the tags where the data should be.

I've tried users Alissa Ford and Belle with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I've had a similar problem (empty datasets); I checked dates from a couple of months earlier and they had data. So, maybe iterate backwards until you find a date with data?

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    If you're having trouble getting data from the existing test bed, please use the new test bed that is being maintained actively at:

    Support available at

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    When you moved the target for application submission for 2 weeks I didn't have a problem with that but when now you are changing URIs I have a problem. I have submitted my app 3 weeks ago and I am not planning to maintain it constantly. Please make sure your old URI works. Thank you.

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    Just wanted to clarify that the Affinity URI works, and data has been added.

    If you are having any further trouble with it please let me know at



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