The electricity monitoring cloud service provides home owners and building managers with real-time energy usage and costs via an Eyedro or BlueLine electricity monitor. Now with support for Ontario Green Button Connect My Data, allows home owners to see what all the hype is about… at no cost. It only takes a few minutes to setup, and you’ll immediately begin understanding the mystery behind your electricity bill. Most users find their first energy and cost savings within days.

Features of the cloud service include: • Highlights/Dashboard – See key information about how much energy you’re consuming and what it’s costing now, with a colour coded house, building, or even your own custom image to show how successful your energy saving efforts are today. Some business owners show this view in their lobby as part of their social responsibility program. • Summary – See a full historical timeline of energy usage and costs in increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month increments. • Comparison – This feature is great for comparing the energy usage and cost of one building vs. another building, one tenant vs. another, or even one appliance vs. another at any point in time. Some users find this useful for comparing similar equipment such as roof top air conditioners to help identify anomalies. The Comparison feature has a second option called ‘Before and After’ that is perfect for showing the benefits of energy saving projects, or key events. Eg. A home owner that would like to see the energy savings after installing new appliances, or an industrial facility that wants to show savings of maintenance activities on their equipment. • Bills and Rates – is fully configurable for different rate models (eg. time-of-use, fixed, tiered), seasons, and ‘extra’ bill fees. The Bill estimate feature shows a history of all bill periods with a break-down of peak, mid-peak, and non-peak usage, plus extra fees such as distribution, rebate, tax, etc. Users can see their estimated electricity bill up to the second. • Phantom Energy (aka Vampire Energy) – The Phantom Energy feature helps home owners understand how much actual energy and cost they are consuming 24 hours a day, an excellent indicator of phantom energy. With the Phantom Energy tool, users are able to drive energy saving changes that help reduce their electricity bill. • What’s It Cost – The What’s It Cost plug-in helps home owners estimate the cost of operation of specific appliances in their home. For example, many customers are surprised to learn that an aquarium can often be responsible for 10% of their electricity bill. • Live and Mobile – The Live feature provides real-time usage and costs when used with a supported real-time electricity monitor. This feature is extremely useful due to the 1 second resolution and immediate feedback. Having access to the same live data from any mobile device takes the experience to the next level. Green Button data is very useful and a critical first step, but real-time data is definitely an exciting upgrade. • Social/Sharing – Users can now share a public URL with friends and family to show off their success in reducing electricity costs, and in turn helping the environment. Another application of this feature is a school that shares the dashboard with students and teachers. • Additional features include exporting, and alerts, with reports and many other features to come.

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